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Portrait Session Explained

How it works? What should I wear? How many Photos do I get? 

How long does it takes? Do I need Make-up? Where is your studio located? Do you do Group Shoot? Can I share the Photoshoot Session cost with a Friend? How much does it Cost? Can I bring some ideas? 

These are just a few of the questions that you might have in mind and I will answer via e-mail or Call.

Just call me and I'm happy to talk to you : )

How it works?

For each 90min Sessions
We aim to get 3 different Styles/Outfits and Backgrounds/Light Setups

1st: Simple and Easy:
You just got at the studio and we need to warm up and loose the tension of being in front of the camera. Some music and some first clicks just for me to understand what are your angles and mood.
(One of the best photos will come from here)

2nd: Build Up and Work on some ideas:
Maybe a Jacket and a pose sitting on a high chair, or sofa and a more dramatic light, even some black and white photos to make it look Classic.

3rd: Creativity and Out of the Box Ideas:
At this stage with you knowing you already got many photos that you wanted we can work on some ideas. Recreate some photos that you might have saw in a magazine, Instagram, Pinterest or at least get the mood from it.


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